Hi there, I'm Malhar Jere!

I'm a graduate student at UC San Diego, where I work in the incredible ACESLab advised by the awesome Professor Farinaz Koushanfar .

Previously, I graduated from UIUC with a BS in Electrical Engineering, where I did research in Paul Kwiat's group working with satellites and quantum optics and in Lav Varshney's group working on connectome models to understand the human brain.

My research interests lie in: (1) understanding deep neural networks, and (2) making them more trustworthy, safe, secure and private. I was previously a Machine Learning Software Engineering Intern at X (formerly Google X) working on an undisclosed project.

Outside of work my hobbies I love hiking, cooking and reading. Check out my reading list , and feel free to contact me at mjjere(at)ucsd.edu if you'd like to collaborate!